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US-RE18057-E: op grand rapids patent, US-RE18772-E: harshberger patent, US-RE18985-E: Mounting for switches and other electrical apparatus patent, US-RE19968-E: Seam fob garments patent, US-RE20906-E: Work table for boring mills ano the patent, US-RE21345-E: Electric regulator for furnaces patent, US-RE21428-E: Mechanical pencil patent, US-RE21485-E: Composition of matter containing a patent, US-RE21504-E: Image dissector patent, US-RE22877-E: Gas burner patent, US-RE23682-E: Unloading valve patent, US-RE24178-E: Cable reeling mechanism patent, US-RE24185-E: Paper machinery patent, US-RE24553-E: Automatic titration apparatus patent, US-RE24620-E: Federn ctal patent, US-RE25738-E: Decker et au patent, US-RE25842-E: Power pliers patent, US-RE26216-E: Bright finished aluminum alloy system patent, US-RE26262-E: Portable stapler with pneumatic drive and return patent, US-RE26778-E: Dielectric isolation for monolithic circuit patent, US-RE27376-E: Roller pump heads patent, US-RE27728-E: Register- cor rectin patent, US-RE27965-E: Pressurized liquid cooling system patent, US-RE28277-E: Method and apparatus for inserting a three-sided wrap patent, US-RE33090-F1: Isothermic protective boot patent, US-T103402-I4: Aryloxy substituted photographic couplers and photographic elements and processes employing same patent, US-8578969-B1: Non-return structure of water valve patent, US-8595843-B1: Techniques for identifying sources of unauthorized code patent, US-8624052-B2: S-t-butyl protected cysteine di-peptide analogs and related compounds patent, US-8633198-B1: Small molecule inhibitors of influenza A RNA-dependent RNA polymerase patent, US-8640302-B2: Arrangement for positioning and holding a filter bag in a vacuum cleaner patent, US-8714076-B2: Tea steeping assembly patent, US-8794508-B1: Dynamic physical interaction tracking system and method patent, US-8832693-B2: Runtime virtual process creation for load sharing patent, WO-2012003201-A1: Dispositif d'alimentation en poudre et procédé pour nettoyer automatiquement un dispositif d'alimentation en poudre patent, US-8845096-B1: Vision therapy system patent, US-8929769-B2: Laser printer cartridge with increased toner storage capacity patent, US-8948274-B2: Enabling co-existence among power line communication (PLC) technologies patent, US-9024101-B2: Method for controlling 2-phenyl isomer content of linear alkylbenzene and catalyst used in the method patent, US-9059133-B2: Capacitor structure patent, US-9219074-B2: Three-dimensional semiconductor device patent, US-9245087-B1: Methods, apparatus and system for reduction of power consumption in a semiconductor device patent, US-9317040-B1: Aircraft ground effect altimeter for autonomous landing control patent, US-9362332-B1: Method for semiconductor selective etching and BSI image sensor patent, US-9440087-B2: AED with alternate shock switch patent, US-9487516-B2: Antibacterial oxadiazolone derivatives patent, US-9489679-B2: System and method for an interactive query utilizing a simulated personality patent, US-9554842-B2: Cryoprobe for low pressure systems patent, US-9582402-B2: Remote task queuing by networked computing devices patent, US-9673156-B2: Package structure patent, US-9712859-B2: Generating a playlist that includes local segment identifiers and remote segment identifiers for media content patent, US-9767618-B2: Adaptive ambisonic binaural rendering patent, US-9828393-B2: Silylalkyloxyaryl compounds and methods for treating cancer patent, US-9883688-B1: Method for making citrus juice powder patent, US-D243430-S: Covered food bowl or similar article patent, US-D243618-S: Electric battery patent, US-D243913-S: Lunchpail or similar article patent, US-D244697-S: Mobile two-way radio apparatus or similar article patent, US-D246838-S: Combined stroller canopy and rear drape therefor patent, US-D250054-S: Gaming layout mat patent, US-D250211-S: Electric shaver patent, US-D250596-S: Freestanding fireplace patent, US-D253589-S: Bicycle handlebar clamp patent, US-D258314-S: Spotlight patent, US-D261687-S: Table lamp patent, US-D262238-S: Lighter patent, US-D267916-S: Chest of drawers or similar article patent, US-D268434-S: Toy doll patent, US-D271392-S: Cassette for video tape recorder patent, US-D272996-S: Vehicle trailer patent, US-D277814-S: Toothbrush holder patent, US-D281266-S: Unicorn doll patent, US-D288688-S: Tape drive patent, US-D298858-S: Downpipe or the like patent, US-D304375-S: Rounded staircase baluster patent, US-D304463-S: Water game housing patent, US-D305312-S: Sled patent, US-D314778-S: Cover panels for combine skid plate panels patent, US-D323673-S: Pen patent, US-D325187-S: Combined vehicle hood shield and deflector patent, US-D330006-S: Optical receiver/transmitter module patent, US-D330902-S: Spring clamp tool holder patent, US-D333821-S: Combined digital audio disc player, radio tuner and tape recorder patent, US-D338643-S: Heelrest for motorcycles patent, US-D340906-S: Charging base for a cordless telephone patent, US-D343556-S: Garden tool patent, US-D352235-S: Display carton patent, US-D352454-S: Pastry package patent, US-D356708-S: Bathroom accessory fixture patent, US-D356830-S: Hanging file magazine holder apparatus patent, US-D358068-S: Holding rack for courier bags patent, US-D364815-S: Beverage can patent, US-D369828-S: Calendar holder patent, US-D370380-S: Barbeque grill patent, US-D371563-S: Daylight camera with cover label patent, US-D373099-S: Golf car patent, US-D373853-S: Handle for a surgical clippper patent, US-D375243-S: Knife handle patent, US-D376578-S: Portable "minikitchen storage box for vehicles" patent, US-D376823-S: Magnet optical disc player combined with display monitor patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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