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US-D268743-S: Display stand patent, US-D270148-S: Pneumatic tire patent, US-D284244-S: Etagere patent, US-D293368-S: Microwave distillation apparatus patent, US-D304736-S: Combined writing pad and pen patent, US-D315097-S: Perfume bottle patent, US-D317511-S: Ceiling lamp patent, US-D322988-S: File sheet for slide films patent, US-D326538-S: Wall lamp patent, US-D331134-S: Hood for recycling container patent, US-D333748-S: Merchandising display patent, US-D345884-S: Kettle patent, US-D360881-S: Audio/video console patent, US-D373689-S: Display cabinet patent, US-D379912-S: Pneumatic coil nailer patent, US-D385702-S: Electric toothbrush patent, US-D390180-S: Vehicle wheel front face segment patent, US-D395480-S: Golf ball cleaner patent, US-D412022-S: Fishing lure patent, US-D425263-S: Neck ornament for pets patent, US-D436041-S: Combined bottle and closure assembly patent, US-D442868-S: Container patent, US-D456538-S: Decorative candle patent, US-D461301-S: Sandal upper patent, US-D477186-S: Bowl patent, US-D484640-S: Lighter patent, US-D492819-S: Set of overlays of a shoulder pad assembly patent, US-D496602-S: Tire pressure gauge patent, US-D502799-S: Footwear upper patent, US-D508891-S: Tire tread patent, US-D527557-S: Portion of a chair back patent, US-D632405-S: Architectural panel with embossed pebble design patent, US-D637968-S: Keyed communication jack patent, US-D644219-S: Portable terminal patent, US-D670683-S: Cover of an electronic device having surface ornamentation patent, US-D727354-S: Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface patent, US-D767439-S: Object patent, US-11041-P: Pyrus communis dwarfing rootstock named `Rhenus 1` patent, US-PP18479-P2: Osteospermum plant named ‘Duetibrelav’ patent, US-9372-P: Daylily plant named `Yellow Silk Ruffles` patent, US-8640618-B2: Printing apparatus patent, US-8691293-B2: Low inflammatory blended oils patent, US-8724852-B2: Method for sensing motion and device for implementing the same patent, US-8747156-B2: Terminal fitting patent, US-8768948-B2: Methods, systems, and computer program products for providing an integrated knowledge management system patent, US-8775042-B2: Line pressure control method for a transmission having a dog clutch patent, US-8820043-B2: Method for heatless manufacture of horseshoes patent, US-8867025-B1: Aerial, landing, and takeoff aircrafts crash avoidance system patent, US-8941074-B2: Radiation imaging apparatus, method for manufacturing the same, and radiation imaging system patent, US-8948634-B2: Image forming apparatus patent, US-8971987-B2: Subject information acquiring apparatus patent, US-9021919-B2: Strain wave gear apparatus patent, US-9048642-B1: Expandable electrical outlet raceway system with cordless electrical receptacles patent, US-9065603-B2: Method and apparatus for controlling the total overhead used to transmit channel state information in a wireless network patent, US-9103515-B1: Replacement LED lamp module for street light patent, US-9127758-B2: Angled mounting plate for torque converter assembly patent, US-9142269-B2: Data mask encoding in data bit inversion scheme patent, US-9226356-B1: Using individual cluster-level power regulation circuits to extend LED light life patent, US-9228843-B2: System and method for providing a dynamic telematics dashboard patent, US-9272047-B2: Use of biological surfactant as anti-inflammatory agent and tissue preservative solution patent, US-9280192-B2: Programmable power supply patent, US-9291750-B2: Calibration method and apparatus for optical imaging lens system with double optical paths patent, US-9303823-B2: SEPIC driver circuit with low input current ripple patent, US-9306972-B2: Method and system for prevention of malware infections patent, US-9322781-B2: Method for producing optically stimulated luminescene dosage detection crystal patent, US-9324671-B2: Metal pillar bump packaging strctures and fabrication methods thereof patent, US-9333407-B2: Counterweight device for hitting trainer patent, US-9339196-B2: Non-invasive method and device of measuring the real-time continuous pressure of fluid in elastic tube and the dynamic compliance of elastic tube patent, US-9348557-B1: Fused floating point datapath with correct rounding patent, US-9430500-B2: Method and device for operating image in electronic device patent, US-9437262-B2: Memory controller and associated signal generating method patent, US-9451291-B1: Fast DWT-based intermediate video codec optimized for massively parallel architecture patent, US-9500667-B2: Polling system and polling method using the same patent, US-9536662-B2: Multilayer ceramic capacitor and mounting board for mounting thereof patent, US-9546012-B2: Article comprising light absorbent composition to mask visual haze and related method patent, US-9589985-B2: LTPS TFT substrate structure and method of forming the same patent, US-9652161-B2: System, method, and medium of optimizing load reallocation in an in-memory data management grid patent, US-9684873-B2: Logic circuits with and-not gate for fast fuzzy decoders patent, US-9699895-B2: Flexible board and electronic device patent, US-9827550-B2: Method of manufacturing absorbent material from bird feather patent, US-D243010-S: Pair of spectacles patent, US-D248093-S: Van patent, US-D264561-S: Wristwatch patent, US-D295486-S: Coffee and espresso maker patent, US-D295662-S: Spout patent, US-D313920-S: Multi-flavor dispensing valve cover patent, US-D316763-S: Package for cosmetic products patent, US-D327688-S: Combined tuner and amplifier patent, US-D341311-S: Curtain draping hook patent, US-D354898-S: Egg holder for use with a stand for decorating eggs patent, US-D359147-S: Dog's toy patent, US-D365450-S: Sectional sofa patent, US-D368553-S: Cosmetic marker patent, US-D371624-S: Floor lamp with conical translucent shade patent, US-D376665-S: Clamp-on lamp patent, US-D376901-S: Portion of a shoe upper patent, US-D378441-S: Tobacco pouch patent, US-D403567-S: Puncture resistant knife blade patent, US-D420644-S: Twelve channel audio cable connector patent, US-D451194-S: Gas insufflation catheter assembly patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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