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US-8593412-B2: Display device patent, US-8605863-B1: Method and apparatus for providing state indication on a telephone call patent, US-8607095-B2: Server testing system patent, US-8642962-B2: Dual narrow-broad focus sensing of proximity patent, US-8676372-B1: Tool path generation for machining operations patent, US-8717091-B2: Control circuit for power converter and method thereof patent, US-8781521-B2: Double number service patent, US-8797831-B2: Suspension board with circuit patent, US-8814389-B2: Metal core printed circuit board as heat sink for LEDs patent, US-8823592-B2: Antenna array with capacitive coupled upper and lower antenna elements and a peak radiation pattern directed toward the lower antenna element patent, US-8843666-B2: Method for optimizing wide port power management in a SAS topology patent, US-8872576-B2: Recharging of the gate charge of a transistor patent, US-8881021-B1: Automated toolbar personalization based on user metadata patent, US-8887840-B2: Zero-turn lawnmower with improved control handles patent, US-8902684-B2: Integrated circuit, system including the same, and operation method of the system patent, US-8930037-B2: Energy manager with minimum use energy profile patent, US-8948492-B2: Quality control method for a machine for producing packaging patent, US-8976371-B2: Sheet loading unit having face connecting portion with upper edge and inclined edge patent, US-8983901-B1: System and method for rectangular region covering patent, US-9042091-B2: Portable electronic device with hinge structure patent, US-9059639-B2: Control circuit for power converter and method thereof patent, US-9065023-B2: Light emitting device and manufacturing method for the same patent, US-9111252-B1: Product information update apparatus patent, US-9114434-B2: Apparatus and method for inspecting and sorting piece parts patent, US-9131306-B2: Apparatus including means for connecting to one or more outer speakers as well as means for detecting such a connection patent, US-9147182-B2: Prioritizing responses to communications based on user's efforts in creating communications patent, US-9153300-B2: System and methods for localizing and analyzing samples on a bio-sensor chip patent, US-9164884-B2: Display controller and display device including the same patent, US-9195851-B1: Offloading encryption to the client patent, US-9201322-B2: Positively chargeable toner for electrostatic image development and developer patent, US-9202065-B2: Detecting sensitive data access by reporting presence of benign pseudo virus signatures patent, US-9210470-B2: User censoring of content delivery service streaming media patent, US-9259997-B2: Structure of center reinforcement for panorama sunroof patent, US-9284195-B2: Aggregated graphene oxide and preparing method thereof, aggregated graphene and preparing method thereof, and aggregated and nitrogen-doped graphene and preparing method thereof patent, US-9299299-B2: Array substrate, PSAV liquid crystal display panel and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-9325321-B2: Background auto-refresh apparatus and method for non-volatile memory array patent, US-9338999-B1: Variety corn line KCI7538 patent, US-9345028-B1: TTI bundling based on communication type patent, US-9374414-B2: Embedding global and collective in a torus network with message class map based tree path selection patent, US-9392355-B1: Gaming headset with voice scrambling for private in-game conversations patent, US-9397214-B1: Semiconductor device patent, US-9402756-B2: Monorail patent, US-9409311-B1: Automated concrete structural member fabrication system, apparatus and method patent, US-9411825-B2: Computer implemented system for handling text distracters in a visual search patent, US-9417827-B2: Image forming apparatus that can print to an index paper, image formation method, and recording medium patent, US-9442454-B2: Image forming apparatus having an image bearing member charged with predetermined polarity and potential patent, US-9454719-B2: Print control apparatus, print control method, and non-transitory computer readable medium patent, US-9506195-B2: Compositions and methods of making paper products patent, US-9518658-B2: Rotary engine rotor patent, US-9519236-B2: Reversibly allochroic toner, method of producing the same, toner cartridge, and image forming apparatus patent, US-9532452-B2: Printed circuit board patent, US-9556877-B2: Pump and drive bearing for a pump patent, US-9569152-B2: Communication apparatus patent, US-9578374-B1: DVR playlist provisioning system patent, US-9582992-B2: Control apparatus and method and electronic device patent, US-9601387-B2: Method of making threshold voltage tuning using self-aligned contact cap patent, US-9613881-B2: Semiconductor device having improved heat-dissipation characteristics patent, US-9646870-B2: Isolation structures and methods of forming the same patent, US-9664942-B2: Liquid crystal display patent, US-9667373-B2: Transmitting apparatus and mapping method thereof patent, US-9683463-B2: Controlled organic rankine cycle system for recovery and conversion of thermal energy patent, US-9684783-B2: Self-authentication device and method patent, US-9687491-B1: Compositions and methods of targeting mutant K-Ras patent, US-9741041-B1: Service representative and remote location document communication patent, US-9745219-B2: Apparatus for forming front glass for display of electronic device patent, US-9754500-B2: Curriculum assessment patent, US-9761035-B1: Dynamic user interfaces patent, US-9807496-B1: In-wall or in-ceiling speaker enclosure and associated method patent, US-9838493-B2: Dynamic routing of authentication requests patent, US-9863184-B1: Window security screens patent, US-9865375-B2: Shielded electric wire and wire harness patent, US-9878492-B2: 3D printing method that enables arraying horizontal filaments without support patent, US-D366655-S: Handle for a computer joystick patent, US-D385953-S: Handle for plumbing fitting patent, US-D455947-S: Over-the-door hook patent, US-D609845-S: OLED lighting fixture with suspension patent, US-D667631-S: Leash for an electronic device patent, US-D682679-S: Box patent, US-D717753-S: Television set patent, US-D772121-S: Rear bumper for a vehicle patent, US-D779096-S: Work light patent, US-D786400-S: Flow regulator patent, US-RE31618-E: Tubular organic prosthesis patent, US-8558308-B1: Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device using a contact implant and a metallic recombination element and semiconductor patent, US-8568175-B1: Power plug having a terminal with soldering arms clamping a soldering tail of another terminal patent, US-8577724-B1: Serving requests by selectively using a plurality of response providers patent, US-8580131-B2: Plasma etching method patent, US-8594301-B2: Method and apparatus for reassignment of classifier probabilities based on dynamic events patent, US-8595668-B1: Circuits and methods for efficient clock and data delay configuration for faster timing closure patent, US-8597060-B2: Cable connector assembly with improved soldering portions of contacts patent, US-8605977-B2: Iterative CT image filter for noise reduction patent, US-8607648-B2: Rotation angle detection device and torque detection device patent, US-8613046-B2: Far-end control method with security mechanism patent, US-8613117-B2: Sanitation patent, US-8652070-B2: Systems, devices, and methods for interpreting movement patent, US-8653911-B2: Atmospheric plasma equipment and waveguide for the same patent, US-8657407-B2: Liquid ejecting device patent, US-8685205-B2: Flash tank with compact steam discharge assembly patent, US-8686625-B1: Engineered-phosphor LED packages and related methods patent, US-8700182-B2: Medical pacing wires patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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