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US-9021130-B1: Photonic line sharing for high-speed routers patent, US-9023685-B2: Semiconductor device, fabrication method for the same, and display apparatus patent, US-9027753-B2: Packaging system for portable electronic devices with removable faceplates patent, US-9044694-B2: Device for capture and lysis of microorganisms from liquids patent, US-9059575-B2: Multi level cable bus system with modular cable trays patent, US-9059609-B2: Flat-type vibration motor patent, US-9065920-B2: Method and apparatus pertaining to presenting incoming-call identifiers patent, US-9076548-B1: Semiconductor memory device including refresh control circuit and method of refreshing the same patent, US-9081906-B2: Office system comprising a telephony application patent, US-9103280-B2: Aircraft airflow modulation system and method patent, US-9108523-B2: Communication apparatus and communication method in wireless power transmission system patent, US-9123942-B2: Method for making separator of lithium ion battery patent, US-9141925-B2: System and method for creating building information modeling geometry breakdown structure patent, US-9159949-B2: Organic electroluminescent display device and method of fabricating the same patent, US-9160340-B2: Output circuit patent, US-9172984-B2: Digital audio-video content mobile library patent, US-9177683-B2: Scintillator panel and method for manufacturing scintillator panel patent, US-9186438-B2: Medical tube article patent, US-9197616-B2: Out-of-band session key information exchange patent, US-9211480-B2: Polyurethane sword and method of manufacturing a polyurethane sword patent, US-9212464-B2: Construction machine patent, US-9245432-B2: EAS tag utilizing magnetometer patent, US-9274728-B2: Print control apparatus and print control method patent, US-9308579-B2: Calcium oxide-based ceramic core and preparation method thereof patent, US-9316726-B2: Quantum harmonic radar patent, US-9330844-B2: Multilayer ceramic capacitor and mounting board therefor patent, US-9358919-B2: Photodetection device having a light passing part, a light guide member, and a photodetection element patent, US-9377567-B1: Self-forming diffraction gratings patent, US-9383234-B2: Sensor time synchronization patent, US-9383944-B2: Data access analysis using entropy rate patent, US-9386122-B2: Server selecting apparatus, information processing apparatus, and non-transitory computer-readable medium storing computer-executable program for server selecting apparatus patent, US-9404949-B2: Shunt resistance-type current sensor patent, US-9436225-B2: Mobile terminal patent, US-9443542-B1: Head gimbal assembly (HGA) mounting apparatus for a magnetic head and disk tester patent, US-9458416-B2: Amphiphilic block copolymers and machine dishwashing detergents containing these patent, US-9486062-B1: Bristle for liquid-dispensing hairbrush patent, US-9525289-B2: Battery control system and battery pack patent, US-9531930-B2: Surveillance device patent, US-9562465-B2: Dual pre-chamber piston bowl system patent, US-9576859-B2: Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same patent, US-9578086-B2: Method and apparatus of setting data transmission and reception period patent, US-9586517-B2: Exterior mirror for a motor vehicle with liquid container refill funnel patent, US-9625515-B2: Predicting the end of service life for a vacuum electron device patent, US-9656995-B2: Triazine derivative patent, US-9673728-B2: Converter arrangement with a capacitance patent, US-9694081-B2: Protease triggered release of molecules from hydrogels patent, US-9698828-B2: Method of performing two-dimensional interleaving, and recording medium, and apparatus for performing the same patent, US-9701558-B1: Methods to treat source water for oil-fields heavy oil and other applications patent, US-9704217-B2: Apparatus and method for non-uniform frame buffer rasterization patent, US-9706194-B2: Electronic device and method of controlling the same patent, US-9711499-B2: Semiconductor device patent, US-9735766-B2: Correlated electron switch patent, US-9754737-B2: Electrical switching apparatus and stored energy assembly therefor patent, US-9758936-B2: Post assembly patent, US-9759546-B2: Method for measuring thickness variations in a layer of a multilayer semiconductor structure patent, US-9764373-B2: Workpiece conveying device patent, US-9797116-B2: Device and process for controlling and optimizing hydraulic system performance patent, US-9815221-B1: Jollying and jiggering carousel patent, US-9817146-B2: Method and device for measuring distances by means of inductive sensors patent, US-9821777-B2: Vehicle brake pedal device patent, US-9823606-B2: Image forming apparatus, control method, and non-transitory storage medium patent, US-9837739-B2: Display device patent, US-9838582-B2: Image pickup apparatus and control method for displaying a screen related to a setting of a light emission patent, US-9839288-B2: Inclined shelf case patent, US-9844564-B2: PVAX copolymer and PVAX microparticles comprising the same patent, US-9883232-B2: Display control apparatus, and display control method patent, US-9886505-B2: Interacting with phone numbers and other contact information contained in browser content patent, US-D472513-S: Automobile tire patent, US-D666944-S: Automobile and/or toy replica thereof patent, US-D717856-S: Optical device adapter patent, US-D750044-S: Speaker patent, US-D770795-S: Sofa patent, US-D782616-S: Electromagnetic valve patent, US-D794757-S: Faucet patent, US-D795794-S: Tire patent, US-RE28736-E: Means and method for regulating a hydraulic energy absorbing device patent, US-8560632-B2: Device for the adaptive processing of application notifications intended for communication terminals connected to a transmission infrastructure patent, US-8602848-B2: Method and system for polishing float glass patent, US-8628219-B2: Compact omnidirectional LED light patent, US-8633446-B2: X-ray detector and X-ray image detecting method patent, US-8638915-B2: Rating communications and special communities patent, US-8671115-B2: System, method and software for providing persistent entity identification and linking entity information in an integrated data repository patent, US-8680661-B2: Direct contact package for power transistors patent, US-8695945-B2: Hand winch with brake and freewheel patent, US-8709523-B2: Food-grade flour from dry fractionated corn germ and collet composition and method for producing same patent, US-8720868-B2: Humidification apparatus and disc assembly thereof patent, US-8721979-B2: Honeycomb structure and exhaust gas purifying apparatus patent, US-8740637-B2: Plug connector having a releasing mechanism with convenient and steady operation patent, US-8746842-B2: Image forming apparatus patent, WO-2015101968-A1: Vin rosé de couleur saumon obtenu à partir de raisins blancs, procédé de vinification et produits dérivés patent, US-8767605-B2: Transmit power control information and power control method, system and device patent, US-8768529-B2: Grid frequency rate limiting system patent, US-8826419-B2: Computer device with anti-tamper resource security patent, US-8839012-B2: Power management in multi-GPU systems patent, US-8844457-B2: Quick method for building boats patent, US-8847670-B2: Input apparatus patent, US-8847921-B2: Electronic device with invisible light touch panel patent, US-8874007-B2: Developing unit and electrophotographic image forming apparatus patent, US-8875043-B1: Criteria-based structured ratings patent, US-8883137-B2: Compositions comprising selenium-rich yeast and yeast beta-glucan patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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