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US-8892202-B2: Current stimulator patent, US-8892599-B2: Apparatus and method for securing preliminary information about database fragments for utilization in mapreduce processing patent, US-8944064-B2: Devices and methods for positioning a stereotactic frame patent, US-8953653-B2: Stabilized femtosecond pulsed laser and stabilization method patent, US-8960566-B2: Spill-proof dispersion device for dispersing volatile liquids patent, US-8967519-B2: Safety belt retractor with variable load transfer in different function settings patent, US-8976084-B2: Portable augmented-reality head-up display device patent, US-8991363-B2: Dual fuel system diagnostics for dual fuel engine and machine using same patent, US-9025390-B2: Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device which performs improved erase operation patent, US-9055191-B1: Synchronous communication patent, US-9061828-B2: Hanging and conveying device to hang and convey a vehicle body in a motor vehicle assembly line patent, US-9062019-B2: Process for the epoxidation of fatty acids, their esters and mixtures thereof patent, US-9073074-B2: Fragrance discharging toilet seat cover dispensing device patent, US-9081073-B2: System for suppression of artifacts in MR imaging patent, US-9090256-B2: Vehicle control device patent, US-9106497-B2: Apparatus and method for improving OFDM receiver performance in the presence of narrowband interferers patent, US-9117544-B2: Row hammer refresh command patent, US-9142552-B2: Semiconductor array having temperature-compensated breakdown voltage patent, US-9152829-B2: Method and system for determining information related to a drug reservoir using an electronic sensor patent, US-9157829-B2: Apparatus and method for monitoring a steam plant patent, US-9205439-B2: Dispenser patent, US-9206851-B2: Horizontal directional drill pipe drive connection with locking feature patent, US-9237223-B2: Communication terminal, control method, and recording medium patent, US-9257807-B2: Tool for installing wires in a wire harness conduit patent, US-9258147-B2: Multi-frame data processing apparatus and method using frame disassembly patent, US-9293977-B2: Inherently torque limiting magnetically-coupled wheels patent, US-9340533-B2: 1,4-benzothiazepine-1-oxide derivative and pharmaceutical composition utilizing the same patent, US-9371638-B2: Tear drop toilet plunger patent, US-9385780-B2: Method and apparatus for detecting and analyzing noise and other events affecting a communication system patent, US-9388508-B2: Manufacturing apparatus of SiC single crystal, jig for use in the manufacturing apparatus, and method for manufacturing SiC single crystal patent, US-9388715-B2: Assembling apparatus and control method patent, US-9391545-B2: Method and electronic device for improving the availability of an electromechanical actuator patent, US-9401859-B2: Method to setup protocol independent multicast trees in the presence of unidirectional tunnels patent, US-9432151-B2: Method and apparatus for automatic repeat reQuest (ARQ) in broadband wireless access system patent, US-9432302-B2: Method and system for operating a commissioned E-commerce service provider patent, US-9435015-B2: Heat treatment method and heat treatment apparatus patent, US-9479232-B1: Method of achieving ultra-wideband true-time-delay beam steering for active electronically scanned arrays patent, US-9485975-B1: Lure with cyclically reversing blade rotation patent, US-9486937-B2: Diamond wire saw patent, US-9489984-B2: Display apparatus, information terminal, display system, and program patent, US-9546953-B2: Method and apparatus for real-time analysis of chemical, biological and explosive substances in the air patent, US-9586940-B2: Methods for treatment of breast cancer nonresponsive to trastuzumab patent, US-9595275-B1: Reset of magnetic domains in write head via magnetic field from media patent, US-9653182-B1: Testing method, manufacturing method, and testing device of memory device patent, US-9687287-B2: Impact load-limiting surgical impactor patent, US-9700846-B2: Fluid purification device with flexible housing patent, US-9747706-B2: Image reconstructing apparatus and image reconstructing method patent, US-9767530-B2: Image displaying apparatus for displaying preview images patent, US-9771727-B2: System for forming floor underlayment patent, US-9787589-B2: Filtering of unsolicited incoming packets to electronic devices patent, US-9799648-B2: Semiconductor device patent, US-9802242-B2: Forging machine with robotic handler patent, US-9808022-B2: Process for manufacturing of a fermented dairy product patent, US-9808389-B2: Scent holder patent, US-9823604-B2: Image forming apparatus including a sheet member disposed over region including closest position on housing at which conveyance member and housing are closest to one another patent, US-9825364-B2: Adaptive antenna tuning based on measured antenna impedance patent, US-9883543-B2: Method of connecting to device and apparatus for supporting Wi-Fi direct for performing the method patent, US-D490254-S: Table patent, US-D519727-S: Portion of a shoe upper patent, US-D665391-S: Electronic mouse patent, US-D706643-S: Combined earphones and package patent, US-D718880-S: Window component extrusion patent, US-D740643-S: Decorative door closer body patent, US-D741694-S: Robe hook patent, US-D745197-S: Exterior surface configuration of a vehicle taillight patent, US-D747553-S: Hair stylist's chair accessory patent, US-D750640-S: Display screen or portion thereof with graphic user interface patent, US-D770949-S: Rear bumper for an automobile patent, US-D774242-S: Luminaire patent, US-D779738-S: Visibility vest patent, US-D787311-S: Packaging bag patent, US-D793191-S: Torque wrench patent, US-8554281-B2: Handheld electronic device including automatic selection of input language, and associated method patent, US-8566285-B2: Method and system for scheduling and controlling backups in a computer system patent, US-8614681-B2: Multitouch input to touchpad derived from positive slope detection data patent, US-8647692-B2: Combined process for generating steam in a steam-baking oven, and oven for carrying out the process patent, US-8678581-B2: Attachable electro-active lens systems patent, US-8678992-B2: Method of collecting semen from lab animals and artificial insemination method thereof patent, US-8705904-B2: Photonic integrated circuits having chirped elements patent, US-8727719-B2: Annular flange for fastening a rotor or stator element in a turbomachine patent, US-8746737-B2: Gas generator patent, US-8760237-B2: High-voltage wideband pulse load patent, US-8768261-B2: Apparatus and method for reducing interferences between base stations in wireless communication system patent, US-8772847-B2: Semiconductor device and method for producing the same patent, US-8773951-B2: System and method for seismic imaging with reduced computational cost patent, US-8801530-B2: Grip guide apparatus and method of using the same patent, US-8815053-B2: Method of treating liquid flows at a chemical pulp mill patent, US-8815682-B2: Semiconductor diode and method of manufacture patent, US-8835067-B2: Saturated vapor block for frozen fuel cell power plant patent, US-8882213-B2: Fluid ejection systems and methods thereof patent, US-8892134-B2: Mobile communication method, call control node, priority control node and mobility management node patent, US-8896375-B2: Efficiency improved envelope amplifier using dual switching amplifiers patent, US-8946554-B1: Cable-end water sealing device for water-blocking non-water-blocked cable patent, US-8957308-B2: Electrical connection box patent, US-8983026-B2: X-ray CT system patent, US-8988003-B2: LED lighting device and lighting equipment patent, US-8991952-B2: Hooking device of a drawer to a longitudinal guide patent, US-8993389-B2: Dummy gate interconnect for semiconductor device patent, US-9008719-B2: UE measurements for hot spot detection patent, US-9063168-B2: Scanning probe microscope and measurement method using same patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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