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US-9069128-B2: Opto-electric combined circuit board and electronic devices patent, US-9122514-B2: Administering message acknowledgements in a parallel computer patent, US-9129574-B2: Gate driving circuit with an auxiliary circuit for stablizing gate signals patent, US-9159255-B2: Three-dimensional information presentation device using slit viewing patent, US-9172941-B2: Moving image processing device and moving image processing method patent, US-9173240-B2: Mobile terminal and method and system for establishing IP connection between mobile terminals patent, US-9185387-B2: Image blur based on 3D depth information patent, US-9195927-B2: Apparatus and method for selecting secure element in near field communication device patent, US-9206465-B2: Methods, compositions, and kits for detecting protease activity in complex samples patent, US-9214202-B2: Input buffer and memory device including the same patent, US-9264169-B2: Method for the adaptive configuration of the transmission spectrum in WDM-PONs patent, US-9311519-B2: Fingerprint recognition method and electronic device thereof patent, US-9315301-B1: Snack bottle with distensible dispensing cap patent, US-9318589-B2: Insulated gate bipolar transistor patent, US-9323541-B2: Method, apparatus, system, and machine readable storage medium for providing software security patent, US-9332620-B2: Lighting device, lighting system including the same, and method of operating the same patent, US-9342952-B2: Systems and methods for creating and maintaining an inventory list and verifying components of gaming equipment patent, US-9380471-B2: Method, apparatus and system of determining a time of arrival of a wireless communication signal patent, US-9421237-B2: Tripeptide boronic acid or boronic ester, preparative method and use thereof patent, US-9484611-B2: Coupled line system with controllable transmission behaviour patent, US-9503384-B1: Estimating network capacity and network bandwidth without server instrumentation patent, US-9504104-B2: Power supply apparatus and driving method thereof patent, US-9510270-B2: Apparatus and method for managing beacon messaging period of vehicular communication patent, US-9513335-B1: Method for using XOR trees for physically efficient scan compression and decompression logic patent, US-9518883-B2: Fluid pressure sensor patent, US-9541583-B2: Voltage detector with high voltage protection patent, US-9553610-B2: Transmitter, receiver, and signal processing method thereof patent, US-9583834-B2: Antenna module and radio communication device patent, US-9608963-B2: Scalable intermediate network device leveraging SSL session ticket extension patent, US-9620950-B1: Overload detection for electrical wiring patent, US-9636849-B2: Mold release agent for water glass-containing sand mold molding patent, US-9637442-B2: Photo-activated hydrogels patent, US-9671655-B2: Array substrate, manufacture method thereof, and liquid crystal display device patent, US-9689776-B2: Apparatus for generating and applying linear forces patent, US-9691296-B2: Methods and apparatus for conversation coach patent, US-9710088-B2: Conductive film, display device provided with same, and evaluation and determination method for conductive film wiring pattern patent, US-9716150-B2: Device isolation for III-V substrates patent, US-9775299-B2: Noninvasive method of source-sink regulation in rice patent, US-9782969-B2: Thermal inkjet printhead patent, US-9843726-B2: Device and method for panoramic image processing patent, US-9845252-B2: Water desalination/purification and bio-agent preconcentration by ion concentration polarization patent, US-9856141-B2: Method for avoiding expensive sour water stripper metallurgy in a gasification plant patent, US-9870542-B2: Managing information technology solution centers patent, US-9874959-B2: Array substrate, touch control display device and touch control driving method patent, US-D665224-S: Hand mixer with attachments patent, US-D714288-S: Electronic device patent, US-D732702-S: Slatwall extrusion patent, US-D748184-S: Novelty glasses patent, US-D755115-S: Tire tread patent, US-D758411-S: Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface patent, US-D807221-S: Ring patent, US-D809625-S: Sprayer unit patent, US-RE34829-E: Food package for use in a microwave oven patent, US-RE35240-E: Optical modulators patent, US-8594489-B2: CD/DVD recorder patent, US-8616243-B2: Method of lining a conduit using a scrim-reinforced pipe liner patent, US-8661851-B2: Process and device for producing a structure on one of the faces of a glass ribbon patent, US-8671291-B2: Method and device for charging energy storage devices patent, US-8677378-B2: Lightweight, high performance, remote reconfigurable communications terminal architecture patent, US-8689235-B2: System and method for enabling interaction between a cloud application and a local application patent, US-8720212-B2: Air-conditioning apparatus patent, US-8720575-B2: Shear laser module and method of retrofitting and use patent, US-8727803-B2: Electric connector having a fitted state with a mating connector held by a fit-turning arm patent, US-8750175-B2: Apparatus and method for transceiving a signal using a predetermined frame structure in a wireless communication system patent, US-8764386-B2: Bypass system for purging air from a submersible pump patent, US-8768896-B2: Setting information database management patent, US-8792660-B2: Hearing system with analogue control element patent, US-8804400-B2: Variable resistance memory device and method of fabricating the same patent, US-8806040-B2: Accessing external network via proxy server patent, US-8837495-B2: Mobile communication system, relay node, radio base station, and gateway device patent, US-8839665-B2: Apparatus, vehicle, and method for determining a thermostat malfunction in an engine cooling system patent, US-8849951-B2: Generating custom address links patent, US-8867133-B2: Polarization converting device and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-8870118-B2: Method and systems for use in assembling a fuselage patent, US-8870847-B2: Blood vessel permeability-enhancement for the treatment of vascular diseases patent, US-8898861-B2: Hinge cap patent, US-8904820-B2: Wearable dining utensil patent, US-8921689-B2: Dye-sensitized solar cell patent, US-8923837-B2: Provisioning a telephony network in response to an electronic device attaching to the network patent, US-8941767-B2: Mobile device and method for controlling the same patent, US-8944605-B2: Laser projector and method of processing signal thereof patent, US-9001825-B2: Virtual link aggregation using state machine patent, US-9020490-B2: Method and apparatus for caching patent, US-9026920-B2: Workflow-based session management patent, US-9035401-B2: Physical quantity detection device and physical quantity detector patent, US-9036673-B2: Semiconductor laser patent, US-9046438-B2: Center-of-gravity detecting system patent, US-9046501-B2: Calibratable sensor unit for reaction vessels patent, US-9069989-B2: Chip authentication using scan chains patent, US-9098228-B2: Determining content rendering capabilities for web browser optimization patent, US-9107075-B1: Proximity unlock and lockout patent, US-9134153-B2: Flowmeter patent, US-9141445-B2: Asynchronous system calls patent, US-9160865-B2: Mobile platform as a delivery mechanism for security capabilities patent, US-9167658-B2: Light emitting element lighting device and lighting fixture using same patent, US-9175525-B2: Device for handling hoses of a working well for a drilling rig patent, US-9184069-B2: Heating apparatus, substrate processing apparatus employing the same, method of manufacturing semiconductor devices, and insulator patent, US-9189481-B2: Database and index organization for enhanced document retrieval patent, US-9221706-B2: Apparatus for forming a glass patent, US-9222324-B2: Stretchable elastomeric tubular gripping device patent, patent, 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