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US-9584626-B2: Performing autocomplete of content patent, US-9614998-B2: Mechanism for generating a hybrid halftone using a DMSSA screen patent, US-9647803-B2: Cooperative communication system with adaptive packet retransmission strategy patent, US-9689090-B2: Open-end spinning rotor with a rotor cup, a rotor shaft and a coupling device patent, US-9746436-B2: Detecting device, detecting circuit, sensor module and image forming device patent, US-9810102-B2: System and method for generating electric energy patent, US-9817697-B2: Thermal-and spatial-aware task scheduling patent, US-9859975-B2: Apparatus and method for detecting uplink optical signal patent, US-9882733-B2: Migrating eMBMS into a cloud computing system patent, US-D665792-S: Cover of an electronic device having surface ornamentation patent, US-D743589-S: Combination lamp for an automobile patent, US-D765367-S: Shoe with decorative sole patent, US-D773138-S: Surface cleaner base patent, US-RE35564-E: Self-cleaning fluid filter patent, US-8562730-B2: Ink composition for inkjet printing on substrate material comprising polyvinyl chloride patent, US-8569062-B2: Cryogels of PVA-boronic acid containing co-polymers for cell culture patent, US-8578606-B2: Manufacturing method of heat pipe type heat-dissipating device patent, US-8581112-B2: Coupler apparatus patent, US-8584127-B2: Storage medium storing job management program, information processing apparatus, and job management method patent, US-8624125-B2: Metal foil laminated polyimide resin substrate patent, US-8633781-B2: Combined balun and impedance matching circuit patent, US-8668337-B2: System for the physiological evaluation of brain function patent, US-8673972-B2: Human papilloma virus as predictor of cancer prognosis patent, US-8728962-B2: Optical glass, preform for press forming, optical element, and processes for producing these patent, US-8733479-B2: Remote controlled load transport system patent, US-8748708-B2: Soybean variety A1026552 patent, US-8757229-B2: Winter tire center tread pattern patent, US-8767472-B2: Non-volatile memory apparatus and methods patent, US-8788240-B2: Monitoring method of vertical displacement and vertical deflection change of building construction elements, especially of the roof, and a system for realization of this method patent, US-8802770-B2: Hydrophobic thermoplastic polyurethane patent, US-8811941-B2: Systems and methods for providing updated mobile station location estimates to emergency services providers patent, US-8812340-B2: Workflow system and method patent, US-8838422-B2: Process control using ray tracing-based libraries and machine learning systems patent, US-8861914-B2: Optical fiber cable patent, US-8873203-B2: Magnetic head having a soft magnetic layer formed behind a tunneling magnetoresistance (TMR) sensor in an element height direction patent, US-8879251-B2: Portable electronic device patent, US-8913653-B2: Efficient equalizer coefficient computation patent, US-8967377-B2: Protective case for portable electronic device with foldable lens cover and storage compartments patent, US-9037428-B2: Data collection device and associated system for monitoring and storing performance and maintenance data related to a component of an electrical system patent, US-9098900-B2: Medication identification and verification patent, US-9131477-B2: Method and apparatus for radio resource control procedures patent, US-9144103-B2: Wireless local communication systems and methods from WAN fallback patent, US-9144493-B2: Valve prosthesis deployment assembly and method patent, US-9156115-B2: Workpiece retention and handling systems patent, US-9190604-B2: Manufacturing method for thin board-shaped fired piezoelectric body patent, US-9192734-B2: High-pressure chamber patent, US-9238313-B2: Apparatus, mold and method for producing shaped articles from a UV-curable composition patent, US-9252087-B2: Electronic circuit, production method thereof, and electronic component patent, US-9274127-B2: Method for determining depression, kit for analyzing serotonin transporter, and kit for analyzing ubiquitinated serotonin transporter in blood patent, US-9311409-B2: Method and system for enterprise search navigation patent, US-9314803-B2: Adjustable slurry spreader plate assembly patent, US-9324896-B2: Thermal receiver for high power solar concentrators and method of assembly patent, US-9327013-B2: Activity enhancer for anticancer agent patent, US-9346978-B2: Slurry, polishing-solution set, polishing solution, substrate polishing method, and substrate patent, US-9359427-B2: Methods for culturing human myeloid leukaemia cells and cells derived therefrom patent, US-9377775-B2: Method and device for programming a cordless handpiece for root canal treatment patent, US-9393846-B2: Trailer coupling patent, US-9400242-B2: Bio-imaging method and system patent, US-9410448-B2: Auxiliary oil system for negative gravity event patent, US-9416268-B2: Shrinkable film and method for manufacturing same patent, US-9422113-B2: Apparatus and method for transferring containers to a handling machine patent, US-9434379-B2: Semiconductor circuit and method in a safety concept for use in a motor vehicle patent, US-9455483-B2: Pre-stressed gamma densitometer window and method of fabrication patent, US-9461096-B2: Method for manufacturing display device patent, US-9464628-B2: Pump patent, US-9482697-B2: Combined measuring and detection system patent, US-9483582-B2: Identification and verification of factual assertions in natural language patent, US-9496238-B2: Sloped bonding structure for semiconductor package patent, US-9508686-B2: Semiconductor device assembly with package interconnect extending into overlying spacer material, and associated systems, devices, and methods patent, US-9534863-B2: Electromagnetic device and method to accelerate solid metal slugs to high speeds patent, US-9547858-B2: Real-time multi master transaction patent, US-9563559-B2: Dynamic prioritization of cache access patent, US-9588840-B2: Memory devices that perform masked write operations and methods of operating the same patent, US-9610160-B2: Method for implanting a cardiovascular valve patent, US-9619516-B2: Computer-readable recording medium, data extraction method, and data extraction device patent, US-9650000-B2: Electrical network for a vehicle, having at least one component that can be activated patent, US-9698974-B2: Method for creating asymmetrical cryptographic key pairs patent, US-9702443-B2: Kinetic energy recovery and hydraulic drive for vehicles patent, US-9721799-B2: Semiconductor package with reduced via hole width and reduced pad patch and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-9729422-B2: Trace feature across the network (depth and breadth)-wise patent, US-9736217-B2: Method, electronic device, and computer program product patent, US-9739963-B2: Manufacturing method of optical component patent, US-9771017-B1: Electric toy with illuminated handlebar patent, US-9784987-B2: Apodization for pupil imaging scatterometry patent, US-9803289-B2: Tube-type ozone generator and manufacturing method therefor patent, US-9818703-B2: Printed circuit board patent, US-9870290-B1: System and method for hybrid kernel and user-space checkpointing using a character device patent, US-D741422-S: Hollow sports ball patent, US-D746315-S: Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface patent, US-RE41183-E: System and method for WLAN signal strength determination patent, US-8579416-B2: Droplet discharging head, manufacturing method thereof, and droplet discharging device patent, US-8586349-B2: Moving droplet diagnostic assay patent, US-8607444-B2: Method for forming a housing of an electronic device patent, US-8645796-B2: Dynamic pipeline cache error correction patent, US-8665810-B2: Method of performing uplink transmission and related communication device patent, US-8712138-B2: Device and method for generating soft tissue contrast images patent, US-8745497-B2: Providing an interactive presentation environment patent, US-8871139-B2: Manufacturing transparent yttrium aluminum garnet by spark plasma sintering patent, US-8874289-B2: Vehicular power transmission control apparatus patent, US-8901264-B2: Copolymer and method for producing the same patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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