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US-9810089-B2: Power generation system patent, US-9814724-B2: Antitumor effect potentiator and antitumor agent patent, US-9851604-B2: Display substrate and manufacturing method thereof, and display device patent, US-D399073-S: Seat patent, US-D630632-S: Access device patent, US-D733296-S: Arm with wrapping fixture posts patent, US-D740500-S: Flat bone shaped dog balance platform patent, US-D743480-S: Guitar strap patent, US-D776192-S: Musical instrument patent, WO-0047312-A1: Method and device for cross-flow filtration patent, WO-2005073485-B1: Semiconductor structure comprising active zones patent, WO-2007045300-A8: Arrangement of drawing systems in a textile machine patent, WO-2007098512-A8: Device for inserting securing anchors into human or animal tissue patent, WO-2009071474-A8: Machine tool patent, WO-2010057951-A4: Method and device for calibrating measuring transducers of ultrasonic flow meters patent, WO-2014198622-A2: Wet-operated armature patent, WO-9503219-A1: Device for pushing packaging bags or similar elastic objects into folding boxes patent, WO-9615095-A1: Method of preparing tartaric acid patent, WO-2004063517-A2: Façade and/or transparent roof construction and associated tool for assembling the surface elements patent, WO-2008049824-A3: Line routing arrangement patent, WO-2009030386-A2: Length and force compensation device patent, WO-2010049367-A2: Method and device for feeding material from a combustion boiler patent, WO-2012084301-A2: Pump, compressor, or motor with a small diameter-to-length ratio patent, WO-2013010710-A2: Surfactant hair treatment agent comprising poly-l-lysine i patent, WO-2014044406-A1: Device for preparing milk froth that can be optionally hot or cold, or for dispensing optionally hot or cold milk patent, WO-9310325-A1: Roller blind patent, WO-9532762-A1: Fire extinguishing device with an aerosol-producing fire-extinguishing generator patent, WO-9841089-A1: Novel herbicides patent, WO-9855253-A1: Method for producing an elongated single-piece structural part for spectacles patent, WO-0191393-A3: Method for synchronising ofdm symbols during radio transmissions patent, WO-03076539-A1: Method for producing flat moulded parts patent, WO-2005000718-A1: Method and device for manipulating load containers patent, WO-2005095901-A3: Coriolis mass flowmeter patent, WO-2007128512-A1: Method and device for providing an option menu which is associated with a displayed symbol patent, WO-2008046733-A1: Method for enabling a chip card patent, WO-2016169986-A2: Method for replacing a control unit in a conveying device patent, WO-9631710-A1: Duct for an energy-feed chain patent, WO-9827062-A1: Method for producing n-substituted 3-hydroxypyrazoles patent, WO-9843076-A1: Mineral-insulated supply line patent, WO-9845236-A1: Phenoketals and the use thereof as odoriferous substances patent, WO-9966177-A1: Valve control device for an internal combustion engine patent, WO-03013965-A1: Packaging container patent, WO-03090721-A2: Method for producing crystals from active ingredients in medicaments, and the use thereof in pharmaceutical formulations patent, WO-03098568-A3: Theft-proof device patent, WO-2006005644-A1: Functionalized, aqueous resins patent, WO-2006084894-A3: Use of tryptophan in combination with caffeine and taurine, foodstuff and beverage containing said combination patent, WO-2007025871-A1: Capacitive proximity switch and domestic appliance comprising the same patent, WO-2008028778-A3: Use of pantolactone for activating keratin synthesis patent, WO-2008138849-A1: Method and sensor for the detection of particles in a gas flow and the use thereof patent, WO-2009149788-A2: Personalising a sim by means of a unique personalised master sim patent, WO-2010088923-A1: Temperature control device patent, WO-2011000617-A3: Rotor and method for manufacturing a rotor of an electric machine patent, WO-2013007357-A2: Battery management system for a power supply system having a low voltage region and a high voltage region patent, WO-2016026579-A1: Supply voltage detection device and a method for detecting a supply voltage patent, WO-2016120223-A1: Profiled clamp patent, WO-9010928-A1: Process for influencing a noise source of a submarine and submarine patent, WO-9104648-A1: Circuit for compensating the capacitive effect of a connection of a low-voltage lamp on the secondary side patent, WO-9200917-A1: Composition and process for treating water containing metal ions and organic and/or inorganic impurities patent, WO-9523173-A1: Cellular plastic from disposable pressurized aerosol cans patent, WO-0108946-A1: Drive for a wiper system patent, WO-0110994-A1: Method for producing preparations containing co-builders patent, WO-0188670-A3: Licensing and access authorization patent, WO-02066720-A2: Patterned fabric and a method for the production thereof patent, WO-02081844-A1: Public outdoor furnishings comprising an illuminated glass pane patent, WO-2004068662-A1: Modular wiring device patent, WO-2005032611-A2: Biocompatible, biostable coating of medical surfaces patent, WO-2007128509-A1: Device for combined interferometry and image-based determination of geometry, especially for use in microsystems technology, and method for the use thereof patent, WO-2008000348-A1: Method and device for rolling up a metallic strip patent, WO-2008061487-A1: Piston for an internal combustion engine patent, WO-2008083846-A1: Polyurethane dispersions based on 2,2'-mdi patent, WO-2009012952-A2: System and method for predictive monitoring and for protection of electrical devices patent, WO-2013083113-A2: Mould for producing cast parts patent, WO-2014095230-A1: Method and device for producing a data page for a book-like document patent, WO-2014191351-A3: Inductive sensor patent, WO-2015049102-A1: Calender with web dampening devices patent, WO-9636426-A1: Cross-flow filtering process for separating fluid from a free-flowing medium and installation for implementing it patent, WO-03068445-A1: Arrangement for wire bonding and method for producing a bonding connection patent, WO-2005011337-A1: Operating method for a high-pressure discharge lamp patent, WO-2005025823-A1: Circular saw bench patent, WO-2005088217-A1: Coolant circulation device patent, WO-2007042002-A3: Method for the production of fine-grained, polycrystalline materials or workpieces, and female mold therefor patent, WO-2009118029-A1: Valve array patent, WO-2010094424-A1: Contacting element patent, WO-2012110070-A1: Internal combustion engine valve train device patent, WO-2014048750-A3: Large electric drive patent, WO-2014060188-A1: Bed, in particular hospital and/or sick bed patent, WO-2014086911-A3: Optical energy transmission system patent, WO-2016020099-A1: Method for the contactless charging or discharging of a battery-operated object patent, WO-2017178296-A1: Projection exposure system having a sensor unit for detecting particles patent, WO-9108842-A3: Vibration generator patent, WO-9502386-A1: Auxiliary equipment for a bed patent, WO-0032156-A1: Agents for permanently shaping keratin fibers patent, WO-0235112-A3: Air spring arrangement patent, WO-02077681-A3: Machining an insulated optical fiber patent, WO-03080365-A2: Security element patent, WO-2004017566-A1: Method and data system for connecting a wireless local network to a umts terminal station patent, WO-2004037147-A1: Rotary bed comprising an improved rotary hinge patent, WO-2006087114-A3: Protective layer against hot gas corrosion in the combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine patent, WO-2007017335-A1: Divided double seat injection valve member patent, WO-2008019754-A2: Method for determining the dirtiness of an electrically driven cutting tool, and hair cutting device patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, 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