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WO-0135843-B1: Methods and apparatus for clamping surgical wires or cables patent, WO-0142915-A8: Mentor on call patent, WO-0149225-B1: Ostomy bag with coupling patent, WO-0170920-A9: Cleaning compositions and use thereof patent, WO-0180530-B1: Telephonic transaction system patent, WO-0209216-A8: Method and apparatus for measuring displacement of a fuel cell stack during assembly patent, WO-0213054-A2: Method and system for identifying people who are likely to have a successful relationship patent, WO-0239604-A8: Common carrier, multiple output rf upconverter patent, WO-02058792-A8: Rehydration composition patent, WO-02063978-A8: Flavored beverage compositions patent, WO-02083012-A8: Device for excision of a fistula patent, WO-03003165-A2: Proactive carbon monoxide monitoring, alarm and protection system patent, WO-03025040-A8: Preparation and use of biuret-containing polyisocyanates as cross-linking agents for coatings patent, WO-03027413-A9: Method and system for providing conduit and boxes in a closed wall system patent, WO-03041064-B1: Optical recording/reproducing medium, stamper for manufacturing optical recording/reproducing medium, and optical recording/reproducing apparatus patent, WO-03056500-B1: Covert variable information on id documents and methods of making same patent, WO-03090918-A8: Downflow catalytic cracking reactor and use thereof patent, WO-2004004109-A9: Electronically controlled electric motor patent, WO-2004022242-A9: Aerosol generating device and method of use thereof patent, WO-2004036884-A9: Adding peripherals to mobile devices via smart interchangeable cover patent, WO-2004091530-B1: Homogeneous, thermoreversible gel film containing kappa-2 carrageenan and soft capsules made therefrom patent, WO-2004109475-B1: System and method for determining synchronization point in ofdm modems for accurate time of flight measurement patent, WO-2005080004-A8: Station for applying paint or powder to car bodies patent, WO-2006078604-B1: Sensing input actions patent, WO-2006083286-A9: Genetically engineered swine influenza virus and uses thereof patent, WO-2006091932-A8: Road marker with remotely controllable display patent, WO-2006098927-A8: System and method for controlling access to features of a medical instrument patent, WO-2006103979-A8: (meth)acryloyl group-containing aromatic isocyanate compound and production process thereof patent, WO-2007021628-A9: Target and assay for lead compounds for polycystic kidney disease patent, WO-2007043702-A9: Agent for applying to mucosa and method for production thereof patent, WO-2007048991-A8: Downhole sampling apparatus and method for using same patent, WO-2007103673-B1: Impact resistant composite building panel patent, WO-2007121260-A9: System and method for cross protocol communication patent, WO-2008021306-A8: Computer adjusted pressure wound care devices, systems & methods patent, WO-2008045585-A3: Device and method for reserving a resource via a portable communication device patent, WO-2008085498-A8: Method for aligning die to substrate patent, WO-2008092329-A2: A method and system for master and backup application patent, WO-2008136947-A8: Camera blade shutter module patent, WO-2008154268-A8: Process for making dihydrocarbyl hydrocarbonphosphonates patent, WO-2009094103-A8: Reflux condenser patent, WO-2009099721-A9: Processing system for fabricating compound nitride semiconductor devices patent, WO-2009106842-A8: Mesoporous materials for electrodes patent, WO-2009123840-A4: Method and apparatus for distributing certificate revocation lists (crls) to nodes in an ad hoc network patent, WO-2009125449-A4: Electric vehicle patent, WO-2009134504-A8: Slush moldable olefin composition patent, WO-2009143120-A9: Systems and methods for enhanced image encoding patent, WO-2010006280-A9: Rotary cutter patent, WO-2010009454-A8: An apparatus for tightening a fastener having a safety device patent, WO-2010011423-A8: Synthesis of chabazite-containing molecular sieves and their use in the conversion of oxygenates to olefins patent, WO-2010027589-A4: Method for multi-factor assertion generation and usage patent, WO-2010151038-A4: Intelligent robot service system patent, WO-2011005861-A9: Oligonucleotide end caps patent, WO-2011042727-A2: Improvements in or relating to tracking radio signal sources patent, WO-2012030806-A8: Ferromagnetic amorphous alloy ribbon with reduced surface defects and application thereof patent, WO-2012039826-A8: Method to control particulate matter emissions patent, WO-2012075594-A9: Derailment detection device patent, WO-2012106815-A9: System and method for virtual shopping display patent, WO-2012125681-A4: Method to mitigate through-silicon via-induced substrate noise patent, WO-2012139060-A9: Methods for improving thermal stability of a polycrystalline diamond (pcd) patent, WO-2012146942-A4: Monitoring movable articles patent, WO-2013057624-A9: Use of aminoacetonitrile derivatives against endoparasites patent, WO-2013067349-A9: Novel chemistry used in biosensors patent, WO-2013115732-A8: Process and device to control harmful cyanobacterial blooms patent, WO-2013124550-A4: Method for creating designs and raised patterns on the folds, recessed portions, and edge surfaces of objects consisting of sheets patent, WO-2014046836-A2: Energy producing building structures patent, WO-2014047551-A8: Flavonoid based antiviral targets patent, WO-2014107152-A2: Resealable containers and methods for their preparation and use patent, WO-2014151978-A2: Electromagnetically protected electronic enclosure patent, WO-2014172547-A2: Device for mixing chemicals and air to form a foam & method for forming a chemical foam patent, WO-2014172645-A2: Advanced thermal insulation by pore morphology control in foaming patent, WO-2014188162-A2: Vehicle controller and method of controlling a vehicle patent, WO-2014200583-A2: Displaying socially sourced content patent, WO-2014210362-A9: Device and methods for directing agents into an eye patent, WO-2015010501-A2: Illumination and heating sources combination for iv monitoring patent, WO-2015035428-A9: Airborne scanning system and method patent, WO-2015042184-A2: Methods of using structurally interacting rna patent, WO-2015049698-A2: Process for regorafenib patent, WO-2015061447-A2: Heat exchanger and side plate patent, WO-2015063792-A4: Asymmetric membranes based on bupbi patent, WO-2015077729-A2: Anti-infective methods, compositions, and devices patent, WO-2015126788-A2: Latch housing with integral attachment features patent, WO-2015156995-A2: Isolating decoupler patent, WO-2015171187-A2: Floating nuclear power reactor with a self-cooling multiple component containment structure and an automatic radiation scrubbing containment structure patent, WO-2015188197-A2: Polynucleotide constructs having bioreversible and non-bioreversible groups patent, WO-2015195218-A8: Polyvalent influenza virus-like particles (vlps) and use as vaccines patent, WO-2015195677-A4: Stem cell stimulating compositions and methods patent, WO-2016022614-A8: Method for evaluating health and genetic predisposition of animals patent, WO-2016168890-A8: Generation of muscle-lineage cells from stem cells patent, WO-2016179165-A8: Systems, methods, devices, and computer readable media for enabling direct electronic payment transfers patent, WO-2016207905-A2: Multivalent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine patent, WO-2017021974-A2: Novel and synergistic composition of lecithin and lysolecithin for improving bioavailability and solubility of hydrophobic compounds and extracts patent, WO-2017027521-A2: Green chemistry method of synthesizing polymer structures that can function as a built-in antioxidant patent, WO-2017075560-A2: Dynamic water dispersion and brewing chamber cleaner patent, WO-2017078587-A9: A grocery transport packaging system patent, WO-2017127776-A2: Dual purpose latch patent, WO-2017147023-A8: Optical stereoscopic display screen for naked eye viewing patent, WO-2017162563-A3: Use of emulsifier in collector composition patent, WO-2017191149-A1: Optimizing power transfer to negative pressure sources in negative pressure therapy systems patent, WO-2017191372-A1: Improved antenna for contactless chip card patent, WO-2017194690-A1: A device for retaining a pipe in a pipe cutting process and method of using the same patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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