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WO-2017194696-A1: Bacterial cells with improved tolerance to isobutyric acid patent, WO-2017204759-A1: Side face grinding system for bearing rings patent, WO-2017207412-A1: Method for the production of a container with improved closure means patent, WO-2017209878-A1: Systems and methods for generating navigation directions based on landmarks and real-time imagery patent, WO-2017210119-A1: Combination of ramucirumab and pembrolizumab for the treatment of certain cancers patent, WO-2017212163-A1: Endoscopic cap with reinforced wall patent, WO-2017214282-A1: Anti-egfr antibody drug conjugates patent, WO-2017214573-A1: Systems and methods for correcting and preventing occlusion in a catheter patent, WO-2017216050-A1: Disposable apparatus and device with unsterile reusable apparatus for sterile application of a liquid patent, WO-2017216459-A1: Spectral refinement module, device with refined spectral line and associated method patent, WO-2017216660-A1: Exponentially scaling switched capacitor patent, WO-2017220486-A2: Coupled, self-sufficient biotransformation of chenodeoxycholic acid to ursodeoxycholic acid and novel enzyme mutants applicable in said process patent, WO-2017223396-A1: Stretch-resistant coil patent, WO-2018001847-A1: System and method for automatic detection of key images patent, WO-2018002230-A1: Cooling component carrier material by carbon structure within dielectric shell patent, WO-2018002564-A1: Biomarker for diagnosing inflammatory diseases patent, WO-2018002885-A1: Proximal connector for guidewire assembly patent, WO-2018007896-A1: Improved device for transporting babies in cars patent, WO-2018011324-A1: Thermoplastic embossed film patent, WO-2018012979-A1: Selective oxidation of hydrogen sulfide patent, WO-2018014980-A1: Global navigation satellite system (gnss) signal tracking patent, WO-8103254-A1: Pulse transformer with shock excitation patent, WO-8303249-A1: 1,4-dihydropyridine-3,5-dicarboxylate derivatives patent, WO-8502287-A1: Improvement in stands for signs and similar objects patent, WO-8502622-A1: Color stabilized compositions of polycarbonate-polyester compositions and method of stabilization patent, WO-8600244-A1: Composite foam textile cleaning pad patent, WO-8807288-A1: Monolithic microwave phase shifting network with multiple outputs between which a constant phase difference is maintained over a large frequency range patent, WO-9102358-A1: Read-while-write ram cell patent, WO-9406636-A1: Thermal transfer printing receiver patent, WO-9526084-A1: Protection scheme for sdh add/drop multiplexer patent, WO-9607646-A1: Antiviral nucleoside analogues containing a substituted benzimidazole base attached to a carbocyclic ring patent, WO-9701372-A1: Apparatus and method for healing wounds using electrical stimulation patent, WO-9731740-A2: Counter centrifugal chuck and mounting systems patent, WO-9735066-A1: Dewatering device for a paper machine patent, WO-9748671-A1: Chemical process patent, WO-9805207-A1: Method for treating excessive aggression patent, WO-9841770-A1: Hook for webbing patent, WO-9852643-A1: Cochlear implant with shape memory material and method for implanting the same patent, WO-9925229-A2: Gondola shelf display system patent, WO-0043463-A1: Spray product for air conditioner patent, WO-0047446-A1: A retraction and extension mechanism for a vehicle rear vision mirror patent, WO-0059498-A1: Pyrrolidine modulators of chemokine receptor activity patent, WO-0074614-A1: Hyoid expansion and suspension procedure patent, WO-0160282-A2: Balance prosthesis patent, WO-0163108-A1: Twin-shaft rotary engine patent, WO-0179479-A2: Methods for selective targeting patent, WO-0213097-A2: Personal financial planning patent, WO-0239211-A2: Methods and systems for analyzing and predicting market winners and losers patent, WO-0245286-A2: Acoustic communication system patent, WO-02061698-A2: Self-service terminal patent, WO-03011160-A2: Cooled tip laser catheter for sensing and ablation of cardiac tissue patent, WO-03052654-A1: Idea aiding device and method, program therefor, and recording medium patent, WO-03092629-A3: Methods of simultaneously treating mucositis and fungal infection patent, WO-03101596-A1: Device at a mixing container for preparation of bone cement patent, WO-2004046475-A1: Discharge and outflow devices applied to improved sanitary toilet patent, WO-2004067586-A2: Mixed bimetallic olefin polymerisation catalyst patent, WO-2004077134-A2: Electrophoretic display and process for its manufacture patent, WO-2004084669-A2: Jewelry with a rotatable message disk patent, WO-2017180315-A1: Fusion robuste de maillages texturés 3d patent, WO-2004085489-A2: A process to produce 4-(2-sulfoethyl) cyclohexane, 1,2-diol from 4-vinylcyclohexane-1, 2-diol patent, WO-2004092919-A2: System facilitating communications and financial contributions involving facilities and residents thereof patent, WO-2004110519-A3: S-shape guidewire patent, WO-2004111789-A2: A method for processing i-blocks used with motion compensated temporal filtering patent, WO-2005003036-A3: High-density barium titanate of high permittivity patent, WO-2005005444-A1: Process for the production of bis(trimethylsilyloxy)silylalkylglycerol methacrylates patent, WO-2005007919-A2: Coating metal particles patent, WO-2005009359-A3: Agents, compositions and methods for enhancing neurological function patent, WO-2005016271-A2: Composition comprising a zeolite compound for treatment of diseases patent, WO-2005029290-A2: Self-correcting computer patent, WO-2005031780-A3: Tunneling gap diodes patent, WO-2005037208-A2: Nitrone compounds prodrugs and pharmaceutical compositions of the same to treat human disorders patent, WO-2005055921-A2: Compositions for treatment of ear disorders and methods of use thereof patent, WO-2005060513-A2: Method and apparatus for optimizing product distribution strategies and product mixes to increase profitability in complex computer aided pricing of products and services patent, WO-2005072347-A3: Inositol 1,4,5- trisphosphate receptor mutants and uses thereof patent, WO-2005099752-A2: Antigen delivery vectors and constructs patent, WO-2005101494-A2: Three dimensional six surface conformal die coating patent, WO-2005108287-A3: System and method for hydrocarbon processing patent, WO-2006023019-A3: Method of making a double gate semiconductor device with self-aligned gates and structure thereof patent, WO-2006028674-A2: A system and method for sharing an ip address patent, WO-2006031607-A2: A method of treating cancer patent, WO-2006034323-A3: Communication and ac power system patent, WO-2006052510-A3: Methods for identifying novel modulators of insulin signaling patent, WO-2006052878-A2: Graphic display of data from a kstore patent, WO-2006055529-A2: Guided hypodermic cannula patent, WO-2006058177-A3: Reinforced fitting and pipe patent, WO-2006058318-A2: Topical nitric oxide donor devices patent, WO-2006058428-A1: Method and apparatus for shaping optical storage discs patent, WO-2006062699-A3: Compositions and methods to deliver consumable water dispersible phytosterols patent, WO-2006071556-A2: Methods for removing black silicon and black silicon carbide from surfaces of silicon and silicon carbide electrodes for plasma processing apparatuses patent, WO-2006083155-A1: Epoxy-based antifouling patent, WO-2006098900-A3: Method and apparatus for securing a computer network patent, WO-2006115608-A3: Rights management system for streamed multimedia content patent, WO-2006119014-A2: Display cabinet including fiber optic illumination assembly patent, WO-2006133000-A2: System and method for trading multiple tradeable objects using a single trading interface patent, WO-2007011705-A2: Response time detection in a network having shared interfaces patent, WO-2007029205-A3: Unattended operation of a product patent, WO-2007063514-A2: Ofdm cognitive radio with zero overhead signalling of deleted subcarriers frequencies patent, WO-2007122531-A2: Fluorescent lighting creating white light patent, WO-2008022211-A2: Multiocular intraocular lens system patent, WO-2008039679-A2: Method and system for displaying graphical objects on a digital map patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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