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WO-2008041900-A1: Device for extraction of a partial defined sample volume from a lager volume, method for operating the device, set of at least two devices, method of operation the set, an analytical instrument connectable to the device, method for operating the instrument, a system, and a method for operating the system patent, WO-2008051018-A1: Method and apparatus for cdma control segment hopping in a mobile communication system patent, WO-2008060952-A2: Dockable computer station patent, WO-2008066047-A1: Relay box protecting structure patent, WO-2008073789-A1: Ampa receptor potentiators patent, WO-2008075271-A2: Calibrating a camera system patent, WO-2008082629-A3: Wake interval adjustment based on charge level patent, WO-2008095043-A2: Control channel constraints in wireless communications patent, WO-2008095724-A1: Process for isomerizing a pent-1-en-3-ol patent, WO-2008100321-A2: Syringe-in-syringe hollow plunger with integral seal and rupturable membrane and related methods patent, WO-2008100800-A1: Bioavailable formulations of heterocyclic compounds patent, WO-2008103337-A1: Methods, systems, and computer program products for using a location routing number based query and response mechanism to effect subscriber cutover patent, WO-2008109267-A1: System and method for performing channel estimation using interpolation patent, WO-2008123785-A1: Improvements in and relating to fluid systems patent, WO-2008130610-A1: Vertical curve system for surface grading patent, WO-2008133475-A1: Special-thread manufacturing equipment patent, WO-2008134275-A1: System and method for performing person-to-person funds transfers via wireless communications patent, WO-2008144058-A1: Method and apparatus for the delivery of polynucleotide vaccines to mammalian skin patent, WO-2008148998-A2: Multi-shaft rack and pinion drive system patent, WO-2008156922-A1: Method of making a low-dust building panel patent, WO-2009002161-A1: Method for protecting an optical element in a radiation source for electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength in the extreme ultraviolet (xuv) wavelength range, and radiation source patent, WO-2009007793-A1: Coupling layer composition for a semiconductor device, semiconductor device, method of forming the coupling layer, and apparatus for the manufacture of a semiconductor device patent, WO-2009032229-A1: Directional evacuation lights patent, WO-2009054210-A1: Process for producing toluidine compound patent, WO-2009055550-A2: Apparatus and methods for thermal management of electronic devices patent, WO-2009061269-A1: Device at a hookdraw for moulding and injection moulding tools patent, WO-2009068861-A1: A telecommunications network and telecommunications device patent, WO-2009077604-A3: A beverage container with temperature changing device and a method for making such a container patent, WO-2009086513-A1: Cosmetic composition containing a polar modified wax and a low melting point polyolefin wax patent, WO-2009088634-A1: Wireless interface control to reduce power consumption patent, WO-2010014951-A3: Bonding clip patent, WO-2010028675-A1: Use of tyrosinase ( 192-200 ) nonapeptide as a therapeutic agent patent, WO-2010030880-A3: Free-machining powder metallurgy steel articles and method of making same patent, WO-2010039175-A2: Liquid drop ejector having self-aligned hole patent, WO-2010088439-A3: System and method for matching lithology responses of downhole tools having different source energies patent, WO-2010096402-A1: Reducing aliasing in spatial scalable video coding patent, WO-2011002375-A1: Nicotine delivery system patent, WO-2011013013-A2: Mounting bracket and wall mountable material dispensing system patent, WO-2011030262-A1: Mobile node assignement to a router in a wpan patent, WO-2011031863-A2: Drill bit with rate of penetration sensor patent, WO-2011048089-A1: Apparatus and method for mounting particles on a carrier patent, WO-2011077137-A1: Logistics monitoring system patent, WO-2011081395-A2: Method and devices of communicating low duty cycle pattern information to mobile stations patent, WO-2011117627-A2: Rowlock patent, WO-2011131960-A2: Protective shelter patent, WO-2011146202-A1: Host device and method for accessing a virtual file in a storage device by bypassing a cache in the host device patent, WO-2012019106-A2: Positive and negative modulators of nmda receptors patent, WO-2012024131-A2: Gas-liquid phase transition method and apparatus for cleaning of surfaces in semiconductor manufacturing patent, WO-2012142147-A3: Synthesis and use of glycoside derivatives of propofol patent, WO-2013003498-A3: Acoustic cytometry methods and protocols patent, WO-2013010012-A2: Non-halogenated flame retardant polycarbonate compounds patent, WO-2013030463-A2: Method of reforming gasification gas patent, WO-2013040710-A1: Electroplating process, system and components thereof patent, WO-2013062556-A1: Determine video to play with audio patent, WO-2013066949-A2: Petrophysically regularized time domain nmr inversion patent, WO-2013076430-A2: Process and apparatus for separating air by cryogenic distillation patent, WO-2013113369-A1: Cell based sensor patent, WO-2013186704-A1: Method, server and database for resolving local dialing plans in ims networks patent, WO-2014004041-A1: Rich media status and feedback for devices and infrastructure components using in path signaling patent, WO-2014006641-A3: A device for thermokinetic property measurement patent, WO-2014008558-A1: Method for constructing enamelled storage tanks and silos patent, WO-2014130905-A2: Knife with ambidextrous actuators and locking mechanism patent, WO-2014143134-A1: Parental control method and apparatus for media service system patent, WO-2014155155-A1: Method and system to transmit and receive data packets through at least one end-to-end connection patent, WO-2014160977-A1: Package with handle, blank therefor and part-formed structure patent, WO-2014165920-A1: Shower recess, tap, and method of construction patent, WO-2014191700-A3: Method for producing uranium dioxide and hydrofluoric acid patent, WO-2015002730-A1: Polymeric layers and methods of making the same patent, WO-2015020967-A1: Nbpt solutions for preparing urease inhibited urea fertilizers prepared from n-substituted morpholines patent, WO-2015071767-A3: Cavity ring-down spectroscopic system and method patent, WO-2015075735-A3: A system of packaging of fluid and energy exchange accessories in a fluid handling machine patent, WO-2016060548-A1: Electronic document and electronic file patent, WO-2016081477-A3: System, disposable cartridge, and method for the preparation of a liquid product patent, WO-2016112123-A2: Medical device with a removable liner patent, WO-2016144613-A1: Reverse emulsion breaker polymers patent, WO-2016199169-A1: Picn-01 patent, WO-2017021783-A2: Pvdf-trfe co-polymer having improved ferroelectric properties, methods of making a pvdf-trfe co-polymer having improved ferroelectric properties, and methods of changing the end group of a pvdf-trfe co-polymer patent, WO-2017025733-A1: Firelighter patent, WO-2017029532-A1: Remix capacity management for optical orders patent, WO-2017100595-A1: Abrasion-masking composition for use with reusable containers and the method of using the same patent, WO-2017103069-A1: Processing of remote meter-reading data to analyse consumption modes patent, WO-7900137-A1: Method of separating a solid and a liquid phase of a mass patent, WO-8001559-A1: Closures for containers for wine or wine-based products patent, WO-8101351-A1: Method and device for planting plants patent, WO-8200908-A1: Card reader patent, WO-8202083-A1: Ignition and surveyance device for a heat source with fuel heating patent, WO-8302760-A1: Lee-board for sailing boat patent, WO-8503603-A1: Energy saving refrigeration apparatus having a control means patent, WO-8503761-A1: Gas heaters and control thereof patent, WO-8602972-A1: Rotary piston machine patent, WO-8706058-A1: Method for the surface passivation of an indium phosphide substrate and new product obtained patent, WO-8800502-A1: Indirect extrusion press with ram-mounted turret supporting tool patent, WO-8800713-A1: Control method and apparatus patent, WO-8809198-A1: Toy figure and method of using same patent, WO-8810464-A1: Data processing and communication device patent, WO-8910051-A1: Harvester for reaping the sunflower patent, WO-9002157-A1: Coating fluid for forming transparent conductive ceramic coating, base material coated with transparent conductive ceramic and production thereof, and application of base material coated with transparent conductive ceramic patent, WO-9002268-A1: Hydraulic driving apparatus patent, WO-9003525-A1: Bonding apparatus patent, WO-9006620-A1: Vscf start system current estimator patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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