Method for removing impurity in molten copper



PURPOSE: To obtain more sound casting billets, and further, rough drawing copper wires after hot rolling by enabling the removal of impure elements having a higher melting point than copper, which are melted in molten copper, in the continuous casting process. CONSTITUTION: A cooling pipe 1 is immersed in the molten copper 6 flowing through a trough 8 before casting. The cooling pipe 1 is constituted by sheathing a stainless steel tube 2 having a cooling medium-inlet pipeline 4 and a cooling medium-outlet pipeline 5 with a SiC protective tube 3. The molten copper 6 in the vicinity of the cooling pipe 1 is cooled close to the liquid phase line by passing a cooling medium through the cooling pipe 1 to selectively precipitate an impure precipitated body 7 which is rich in iron and is the impure element having a higher melting point than copper on the surface of the cooling pipe 1. Consequently, the metal base-impure elements are removed from the molten copper 6. COPYRIGHT: (C)1995,JPO
(57)【要約】 【目的】溶銅中に溶融している銅よりも高融点の不純物 元素を連鋳プロセス内で除去可能とし、より健全な鋳造 ビレット、さらには熱間圧延後の銅荒引線を得る。 【構成】鋳造前に樋8を流れる溶銅6中に冷却パイプ1 を浸漬する。冷却パイプ1は、冷却媒体入口配管4と冷 却媒体出口配管5とを有するステンレス管2にSiC保 護管3を被せてある。この冷却パイプ1に冷却媒体を通 して冷却パイプ1付近の溶銅6を液相線近くまで冷却 し、銅よりも融点の高い不純物元素である鉄リッチ不純 物析出体7を選択的に冷却パイプ1の表面に析出させ る。これにより溶銅6中から金属系の不純物元素を除去 することができる。




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